Ask the Underwriter

Ask the Underwriter

We would like to extend the courtesy of our assistance with questions that you may have. Here are some questions previously asked which may help. If you have additional questions, then please post your query in the form below and we will provide you with our answers.

  1. Can I insure only a portion of my values?

    Yes. There is no penalty for self insuring.

  2. If a salesman leaves his goods overnight at another jeweler, am I covered on my Jewelers Block policy?

    Yes, as long as the salesman is insured.

  3. Do I have to insure my customer's goods or goods that I have in on memo separately?

    No. They would be included in your policy limits and annual inventory.

  4. Can I leave my goods in a hotel room unattended while I have dinner and have coverage?

    No, this is not a smart idea and you would not be covered.

  5. Can I secure my goods in a hotel room safe and be covered?

    No, on most policy forms it must be secured in the hotel office vault or safe, NOT the room safe.

  6. Why do I need a UL certified alarm system?

    This ensures compliance and security control and offers accountability for the alarm monitoring company.

  7. Does it matter where my safe(s) are located on my premises?

    All efforts should be made NOT to place any safes on outside or shared walls.

  8. If we lose electricity and the time exceeds my alarm backup battery, am I covered?

    In almost all cases, coverage would cease when the alarm ceased working. An emergency Plan B should be at the ready before an emergency happens.

  9. Does a Jewelers Block automatically renew each year?

    No. Coverage must be offered and put into effect each and every year.

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