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Coverage Solutions 1976 Valuable Articles Coverage Explained


Individual and Business Coverage

Whether you are a collector of high-value items or you’re the owner of a jewelry business, finding the right insurance can be daunting. That’s why Coverage Solutions makes insuring against loss or damage simple and stress-free by working with you to find the coverage that best fits your needs and your unique situation.


Luxury Items to Insure

Because of Coverage Solutions 1976 extensive knowledge in the luxury space, our team can help you figure the best options for covering your luxury goods. You always have the option to customize your coverages around your unique needs. This makes it easier for you to achieve the perfect coverage for your collection or business.


Collector’s Asset Protection

Coverage Solutions 1976 has tailored our collector’s coverages to meet the exposures of the enthusiast. Whether your collection consists of high-value jewelry, watches, rare books, art, wine, coins and anything else, we’re able to customize your coverage and ensure you have peace of mind that your collection — and the work you put into it — is protected.


Insuring Multiple Residences

Whether you are a real estate collector or a high net worth individual, our team is experienced in tailoring a coverage plan to insure your residences. We’ll work with you to customize a unique plan that protects not only your home, but everything inside — even you, if you need life insurance. Call Coverage Solutions 1976 today to get coverage from the experts.

We’re dedicated to creating a luxury experience when insuring your luxury items. Make sure you and your business are insured on high value items with Coverage Solutions 1976. Learn more and get started with your coverage by calling us today.

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